About Us

Ituĩka is an online and print platform devoted to publishing writers in African languages, facilitating translations, and raising the visibility of African language literary projects. Anyone writing in, translating into or from an African language is welcome to contribute to the platform. Together, Africans writing in African languages can overcome the great odds that have consistently faced publishing of literary and scholarly material written in their languages. We acknowledge the logistical hurdles that come with opening the door to such numerous languages, and the lack of existing structures to support the process. However, we welcome the challenge as a way to develop working mechanism for multilingual publishing, African Language translation and literary theories, and exciting the market to engage with African literature in African languages.

Published works will include:

  • Original writing in African languages,
  • translations between African languages,
  • translation and publication of classics into African languages
  • Restoration project:
  1. Restoration of African authored books in European languages into African languages.
  2. Publish translations from Caribbean and African Americans into African languages

The print and online platform will also develop a database of editors and teachers in African languages. We will harness the power of digital facilities in African language learning by connecting students to teachers and expanding what it means to study an African language in the age of online instruction.

The platform will also carry out translation projects. A single story will be translated into multiple languages, with a focus on African languages and lesser-known languages around the world.

Ituĩka is a Gikuyu name for break/rapture and revolution, transformation, and transition.  At the Ituĩka Literary platform, we believe that by centering the writing, the teaching and translation of African languages, we can transform African societies.