Databases Description

Ituĩka, a Literary platform devoted to African languages and translation, is pleased to share its first database in support of the development of African languages. Our African languages teachers’ database is conceptualised as a resource that will connect teachers and learners in a myriad of African languages from across the continent and the diaspora. It is our hope that this resource will contribute to the strengthening of the teaching of African languages and creating structures that can enhance this process in the age of zoom instruction. Our efforts are geared towards building a global architecture of African language teaching and making resources easily available to African language programs and learners.

The teachers included in this database will offer instruction in African languages at different levels of instructions. The age range of the students will vary depending on the preference and training of specific teachers. Indeed, these teachers share a common interest in ensuring that they address the apparent lack of effort by the elite and governments in offering formal learning opportunities in African languages.

The database is purely to connect teachers to students. It will also be a resource for researchers interested in different African languages. Our platform does not train these teachers or ascertain their qualifications beyond the information given to us by them.  We advise students who connect with the teachers to use their own judgement.

To connect with a teacher, an interested learner will click on the social media icons on the teachers’ page and access their contact information. They are then free connect. Do also cc or in formal email communication.

For teachers interested in being included on the database, send us the following information: your name, language, bio, a high-res photo, contact info and age range. Please also include your website if available and your social media handles.

The African languages teachers database is a shared dream between the Founder and Editor of Ituĩka, Munyao Kilolo, and Prof Mukoma wa Ngugi who also funded the building of our website.