Ashton Makalanga Zai


Ashton Makalanga Zai is a qualified accountant and supply chain professional. Currently unengaged. He is also a versatile content writer. He has a knack for creativity, art, culture, and zeal to preserve and market the African heritage. He takes pride in having strong analytical skills, being highly flexible, a fast learner, strong interpersonal skills, and excellent communication and organizational skills.

As a professional, his goals include providing solutions, producing accurate output, and networking. He is an honors graduate of KIM, 2014, and a CPA. He is proficient in Ms. Office and various ERP systems like Navision and Tally. He excels in content writing and creative writing, collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. His interests include sports, reading, outdoor activities, and networking.

Age range I’d like to teach: Above 10 years