Fu-uh Edwin Fang


Fu-uh Edwin Fang is a young man who is 29years old. He hails from the Kesu Fondom, one of the Villages that make up the Aghem clan in Wum, Menchum Division, Cameroon.  As concerns his Motherland Aghem, he’s been an Aghem language teacher since 2007 and is currently teaching Aghem offline in some homes in Yaounde and online- WhatsApp and Facebook fora(Read,write and Speak Aghem, Sɛ̀ sa’ shwa’ ū Aghə̀m) he created under the auspices of ALDEC, the Aghem language Development Association.

Aghem is a language spoken in Wum central Subdivision in Menchum Division,North West Region, Cameroon.

  • He took part in the Aghem Language Bible Translation as a literacy teacher and scripture use agent. Interpreting and rendering Aghem readings during mass in St Martin’s De Porres Mission Wum.
  • He translated the Covid-19 script and rendered it under CABTAL
  • He has trancscripted and translated over 20 narratives including folktales and dialogues for the Aghem Heritage Documentation
  • He published Cultural Almanacs/Calendars for Aghem Fons, Noble men and Women in 2022
  • Published brochures and charts on Aghem Language and history
  • Fangfuuh is also a  member of Miziziyetu, Pan African Network of Translators, Screen Translators for the Promotion of African Indigenous Languages/Pidgins c/o Alphonsius ATEGHA, Senior Translator/Subtitler, Translation Unit Head, Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation, Yaounde/Cameroon
  • Fangfuuh is also part of the Team subtitling and translating Aghem Folk tales with Mr. Ategha Alphonsius.